MS series aluminium-housing three phase asynchronous motors are developed from Y2 series three phase asynchronous motors, since aluminum-alloy material has been introduced into its housing, end shield, terminal box and removable feet, MS series aluminium-housing motors owns a beautiful appearance and a smooth surface. Despite that, dimensions and output power of MS series aluminium-housing motors are the same as those of Y2 series three phase asynchronous motors.

MS series aluminium-housing motors have lots of futures such as high efficiency and energy saving, large starting torque, excellent performance, low noise and vibration, compact structure, high reliability, easy operation and etc.

Operating conditions of MS series aluminium-housing motors are identical with Y2 series motors, while efficiency class are in line with Chinese National standard GB 18613-2012 class III, simultaneously, we supply MS series aluminium-housing motors in conformity with IE3 standard for customers.

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